New Erasmus + program for energy communities with the participation of LIEE

LIEE NTUA participates as a partner organization in the new Erasmus+ program for energy communities titled EU-NETS, starting from the beginning of 2022. EU-NETS deals with the emerging issue of Energy Communities, with the aim of developing a new training path for executives and professionals who will work to create, develop and manage these new entities, which will play an important role in energy and climate. In order to make the transition to a sustainable economy and create a real climate policy, it is vital to make the energy system fully sustainable. This transition is also a great opportunity to achieve the goal of energy democracy. The Energy Community is a community of users (private, public or mixed) located in a specific area, in which end users (citizens, businesses, public administration, etc.), market players (utilities, etc.) , designers, planners and policy makers actively work together to develop high levels of “smart” energy supply, optimizing the use of renewable sources and technological innovation in distributed generation and enabling implementation efficiency measures to reap economic benefits. sustainability and energy security. The creation and management of these communities will require the development of new professionals who in the coming years will be responsible for guiding the design, development, implementation and management of energy programs for the whole community and will guide the Community’s goal of reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions.

The list of partner organizations from abroad includes ASSISTAL, EnergyLab, and the University of Coruna. More information will be announced soon.


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