Circular Flooring: Νew Products From Waste Pvc Flooring and Safe End-of-Life Treatment of Plasticisers

The project aims to establish a process of recycling laminated PVC from waste floor tiles. In PVC products, recycling rates of around 20% have been achieved so far, while a large percentage of PVC waste is still buried or incinerated. In order to avoid the loss of valuable resources and increased CO2 emissions and other environmental burdens of waste disposal, it is necessary to consider recycling for different material flows, such as PVC floor coverings.

The Scientific Supervisor of the project in NTUA is Professor K. Magoulas from the Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Transfer Phenomena (ETHFM). The collaborating research team of LIEE is involved in the examination of economic viability, as well as the possibility of commercial utilization of the recycling process and recycled PVC, utilizing the methodological tool of Business Canvas.

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