The LIFE ALGAECAN project promotes the fulfillment of important European Directives on landfill management, integrated prevention of pollution and promotion of the use of renewable energy sources in the European Union. More specifically, the project proposes a model of sustainable treatment of high organic load effluents, which combines a cost-effective cultivation of heterotrophic algae, by spray-drying the collected microalgae to obtain a product as a raw material for the production of biofertilizers, feed, bioplastics, etc. The technology to be applied in this project is an innovative idea for the treatment of liquid waste especially in the fruit and vegetable processing industry, their reuse and recovery of resources in order to obtain a high quality liquid stream and reusable. The Scientific Manager of the project from NTUA is Professor M. Loizidou from the Unit of Environmental Science and Technology of the School of Chemical Engineering.

The collaborating research team of LIEE is involved with the evaluation of the economic feasibility of the technology and the investigation of the potential commercial interest of the technology and the final product.

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Project Info

Start: 2 October 2017
End: 31 December 2020

Funded under: LIFE16 ENV/ES/000180


Co-ordination: Fundacin CARTIF (SP)