Title of the book:

Advanced Introduction to National Innovation Systems

Authors: Cristina Chaminade, Bengt-Ake Lundvall and Shagufta Haneef
The aim of this book is to introduce students as well as policy makers in developed and developing countries to the concept national innovation systems. The book uses a language that can be understood by students and scholars from different disciplines within social science and engineering.  The following questions are addressed: What is a national system of innovation? Where did the concept come from? How has it developed? What is the theoretical core of the concept? Who makes use of it? Why is it useful? How to measure it and how to use it in research? How can it be applied to countries at different level of income? What are its main limitations? Is it meaningful to study national innovation systems in a context of globalization? And what are the future challenges for developing it in research and policy?

Special features of the book

  • Easy introduction to National innovation systems
  • Clear links with current grand challenges like economic growth, social inclusiveness, environmental sustainability or globalization
  • Extensive use of examples from the Global North and the Global South
  • Proposed recommended readings after each topical chapter
  • Up-to date review of the literature and engagement in current debates
  • Overview of future research challenges

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