Poster presenters will prepare a display of their work using an A0 paper size (84 cm wide × 119 cm tall).
Presenters must be available for presenting their work and answering questions during the
poster session.
Ideally, a poster will provide information on:
• Title of the paper
• Name and affiliation of author(s)
• Aim of the paper
• Presentation of theoretical framework
• Presentation of data (if empirical paper)
• Presentation of main findings and implications
• Main references
The posters are intended to grab attention and quickly communicate the ideas and relevance of
papers presented. The use of graphics and colours is encouraged as well as the use of large
fonts. To the extent possible, hard copies of the paper will be available for interested
Boards to put up the posters will be available in the poster room. Globelics student assistants
will help presenters hang their posters.