The gala dinner is sponsored by Latsis Public Benefit Foundation .

It will be held at ‘Ecali club’, the first country club in Greece, which is located in the Northern suburbs of Athens.

During the dinner there will be a welcome speech from the Mayor of Athens and a representative of the Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.

The announcement of the best paper award is also planned.

The area where the Ecali Club is located, was included in the town planning in 1924 by the National Bank, who was the first owner. After the Greek civil war (1946-1949), the area was used as a military base until the mid-1960s when the idea of creating a location of social coexistence of the few residents of the Ecali community of the time, was born. As a result, in 1971 the Ecali Club was created, a strictly private club that became extremely popular among its members, with two tennis courts, a swimming pool, a gym, a restaurant and a nursery. In 1978, the ownership passed to the Latsis family and the goal was to create a warm and hospitable space that would embrace the members of the community, offering updated services and infrastructure.  In the following years, the population of Ecali and of the Northern suburbs of Athens grew significantly and so did the number of the members of the Ecali Club, that remains to this day a place for training, relaxing, creating and having fun.

We hope you will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the club, nice Greek food and drinks accompanied with music and dancing.

The menu will include options for special requirements.

Address: 15, Lofou str., Ecali 14578.