Chair: MAMMO MUCHIE (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa): “Imagineering and Innovating Principled Relationship between Africa and Europe”


EDWARD LORENZ (GREDEG, University of Nice & CNRS): “Africalics-Eurolics Partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals”

GLENDA KRUSS (Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators of the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa): “A Critique of the Dominant Models and Approaches to Indicators, and the Design of a New Framework that Can Assess Innovation for Inclusive Development in Africa” (Full Presentation pdf)

ANN NJOKI KINGIRI (African Centre for Technology Studies Research, Kenya): “Differences in Capacity Building in Innovation and Development in the Higher Educational Institutions in Europe and Africa” (Full Presentation ppt)

GEORGE OWUSU ESSEGBEY (Science and Technology Policy Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ghana): “Science, Technology and Innovation Policy – Issues of Relevance, Instrumentality and Impact from both Cases in Europe and Africa” (Full Presentation pdf)