Local Industry Panel: “The Greek productive system in the post crisis era: A pattern for an effective transformation through innovation and sustainable development”

Friday, October 13, 16:15 – 17:45, Central Auditorium

Chair: AGGELOS TSAKANIKAS (Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics, National Technical University of Athens)

In the midst of the economic crisis and in a quest for a new growth pattern for Greece, the role of the private sector and the institutional set up is decisive for an effective transformation of the local business dynamics. Greece needs to enrich its entrepreneurial capacity with firms that are capable to compete in international markets that invest in innovation and manage to produce differentiated products / services that attract foreign demand.  A round table of representatives from major Greek companies that have managed to develop a sustainable business model, will discuss:

  • A possible roadmap to “innovate out of the crisis”
  • “Lessons learnt” policy messages
  • The role of technological infrastructures and platforms
  • The role of university – industry relationship
  • Actions, means and mechanisms to further enhance a new growth pattern model
  • Business initiatives and case studies (i.e the case studies of FOODPRINT project and ECOTROPHELIA contest)

Panel Participants: